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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The monster in the closet

This week I've been working on my business plan this past week. I admit, however, that I've been putting it off because I was overwhelmed by it. I would read at books, magazine articles online and on print—I've even gone to a seminar or two about business plans—only to look at the outline and write one or two sentences before putting my notebook away. I felt that I 'needed' to get this right, or get this section done before moving on. It wasn't until I came across this article on Bplans.com that I shook the dust off my notepad out and—I'm embarrased to say this—finished what I started three years ago.

What was in the article that got me motivated? It was this one sentence: "Size your business plan to fit your business."  Such a simple concept! Dragonfli is a small business, therefore all I need is a small business plan to start. I wished someone would have told me that when I started!

So if you haven't figured out the connection between the title and my business plan, I'm going to spell it out: my business plan was my monster, and I was afraid of that I couldn't handle was behind the closet door. But when I opened it, that monster was just really a small one that I could put a leash on, give structure and care for as it grows.

The picture below is from "Monsters Inc" - one of my fav Pixar films (my favorite animation studio other than Studio Ghibli


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