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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Connection to the Cause (at 7 miles)

There's a reason I've started running and not necessarily for myself as a leukemia survivor. There are thousands of people with leukemia or lymphoma that are fighting for their lives. Last weekend I attended an event for Team In Training called "Connection to the Cause"—we were reminded of why we are taking so much time and effort running, sweating and fundraising. Everyone has a person they are running for or in memory of. Seeing all the names on the screen gave such a bigger purpose of what we're doing.

I know I didn't quit with the chemo, so I'm not quitting with the run. I've got a lot of support too: check out the pics of my team in NY, and of me and my mentor, Sophia.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

5 miles, the Brooklyn Bridge and ice cream

So I'm up to 5 miles again and conditioning my body to run long distances! Running also means hanging out with the Team in Training Brooklyn group to have ice cream at the Ice Cream Factory that's right at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge. Yumm!! (I had vanilla and coffee ice cream if you're wondering).

As for bridges, there was also an installation there where you can see people on the other end in London! I waved to the British on the other side—I wonder what they see on their end?