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Saturday, April 26, 2008

In St Petersburg, St Anthony's Triathlon

Here I am at the Tradewinds hotel with the New York team for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team in Training!! Just came back from the Pasta (carbo load) Pasta Party to jump-start the team. Tomorrow all these people will be at the St Anthony's Triathlon to swim, cycle and run. Exciting!! I'm going to cheer them on so don't be surprised if I lose my voice when I get back to New York.

The one thing I learned this weekend is that success is measured in so many ways--this from one of the speakers, Dave Scott (6-time Ironman Champ). I have to admit that I was disappointed when I dropped out due to my lack of swim skill in the water. But I wouldn't know what capable of doing if I never started training. But Now I have something to look forward to next year…

Sunday, April 13, 2008

March flew by…April showers

Lots happened in the last few weeks that I forgot to blog in. In short:

- My sister Rowena got married!! (Congrats Ro!) Cried at a wedding the first time ever!
- Ran Bowen Road in Hong Kong and the stopped by Hong Kong--I love the clean streets in the cities
- I ran 5 miles, cycled 15 miles
- Learned how to do the backstroke (almost), and breaststroke (frogkicking!), and get over my fear of the deep by diving the deep end of the pool

Bad news: I won't be participating in St A's this year--my swim instructors want me to be a stronger and more confident swimmer before I do a full-on triathlon. I'll be heading down to Florida as Brooklyn TNT's Honored Teammate, be a photographer and cheerleader that weekend.

Good news: I can still do an endurance event (just without swimming for now) and I signed up for the Nike Women's marathon in SF. I'm already training, and I'm continuing to condition myself for the event later this year. BTW, I haven't stopped swimming either and I'm still practicing.

(Above Photo: The Brooks shoe I'm running in. JackRabbit Sports recommended them after analyzing my walk/run patterns. That rocks!)