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Friday, September 26, 2008

Learning Nutritional Facts Labels

My mom and dad are in town to help me out as my belly grows larger. Although my father has had Type II diabetes for over 30 years (and with an A1C in the 6s—way to go, dad!), they've never learned how to read Nutritional Facts labels on food packaging. I've always learned how to read the label but, as of lately I've been really anal about reading it ever since I found out I was pregnant. The good news is that the Nutritional Facts are so easy to read—usually looks like a chart (see left). It really helps me with varying my food choices as well as avoiding foods that don't give me much choice. I just taught my mom how to read the Nutritional Facts today and it took only 5 minutes!

If you're wondering, the Facts shown is from CalorieKing.com for yams (one of my fav side dishes!) I had it for lunch yesterday: 1/2 cup = 18.8g carbohydrates. My current prescribed diet calls for 30 or less carbs per meal and half the amount for snacks in between. Using the info given, I can add 10g of carbs of food or beverage. Depending on your own individual needs, you may even look at the Fat or Calorie content as well. Talk to your nutritionist if you really want to fine-tune your diet to help reach your goals.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Feeling better in pregnancy (15 weeks)

I've inherited some pregnancy books from good friends, and all of them pretty much say that I'd be feeling better by this time. Wow, they weren't kidding. I'm pretty much feeling the same as I did before all the hormones took over and only occasional nausea (usually due to indigestion which is very normal). Smells that really bothered me—i.e. fried stuff, certain perfumes—don't put me in the state of nausea anymore either. Kewl beans!

I should have done this as soon as I found out I'm expecting: tracking the size and depth of my evolving belly button innie. It's definitely 2x it's width as it was 2-3 months ago, and I can see the bottom of the crevasse for the first time.