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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The monster in the closet

This week I've been working on my business plan this past week. I admit, however, that I've been putting it off because I was overwhelmed by it. I would read at books, magazine articles online and on print—I've even gone to a seminar or two about business plans—only to look at the outline and write one or two sentences before putting my notebook away. I felt that I 'needed' to get this right, or get this section done before moving on. It wasn't until I came across this article on Bplans.com that I shook the dust off my notepad out and—I'm embarrased to say this—finished what I started three years ago.

What was in the article that got me motivated? It was this one sentence: "Size your business plan to fit your business."  Such a simple concept! Dragonfli is a small business, therefore all I need is a small business plan to start. I wished someone would have told me that when I started!

So if you haven't figured out the connection between the title and my business plan, I'm going to spell it out: my business plan was my monster, and I was afraid of that I couldn't handle was behind the closet door. But when I opened it, that monster was just really a small one that I could put a leash on, give structure and care for as it grows.

The picture below is from "Monsters Inc" - one of my fav Pixar films (my favorite animation studio other than Studio Ghibli

Saturday, March 12, 2011

If I keep saying mañana, then I should just change my name

Last time I posted, it was a year ago! That's just not good at all. We all have excuses and use them as reasons not to do something (unless it's something that's a real emergency and cannot be ignored). That said, there's no excuse to set aside 5 minutes to write here.

In the meantime since, I've managed to sell all the XBox games that I've completed. Damn, they're like hotcakes on eBay! The picture below is of me playing the Playstation 2 actually—can you believe my then-22-month-old (for those of you without kids, you do the math) daughter took that picture?