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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dealing with the Sweet Tooth

For the past two months I've been taking insulin under the supervision of the team at Roosevelt Hospital's Diabetes in Pregnancy program. I can't say it was always easy--especially with my sweet tooth--but I found some great alternatives that makes great snacks to satisfy that cookie craving:

1. Dannon's Lite & Fit yogurt

2. Fruits (but check on the carbos per serving size--I go to CalorieKing.com)

3. A Slim-A-Bear ice cream bar or 1 small scoop of sugar-free vanilla ice cream (with a strawberry too sometimes)

4. Joseph's sugar-free Bite-Size cookies (ok, these are cookies, but great if limited to 1 to 4 cookies and eaten in moderation; I say 'in moderation' because they contain maltitol which can make you gassy if you're not already)

5. My homemade hot chocolate: 1 c milk & 1.5 teaspoons of unsweetened cocoa mixed in a sauce pan; when hot, pour it into your favorite mug then mix in 1 packet of Splenda; feel free to add more milk or whipped cream on top (which also happens to be also a free food-yay!)

These are my top 5 sweet alternatives for diabetics like me. Especially now that I'm also pregnant, I have to be extra vigilant. But you don't have to give up everything to live healthy and happy!

Monday, August 25, 2008

M.I.A. for Two Months—for a good reason

I can't believe 2 months flew by! I've been going through morning sickness and that's been keeping me on the couch or bed for the most part. What, you say?!? Yes, I'm 13 weeks pregnant! That's the great news, but the not so good news is that I'm also diabetic. This is what I've learned:

1. I am in control of my diabetes and diabetes doesn't control my pregnancy.

2. I'm not alone being a diabetic expecting mother:

a. I've got a great medical team on my side to help know what I should be doing (because I'm clueless enough as it is): my OB/GYN (Dr Hanna's great!), doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancies, and the nurses and staff at the Diabetes In Pregnancy program at Roosevelt Hospital, NY.

b. I've got a great support team who all over the country: my husband, my family in California, and good friends from coast to coast.

Now that I'm almost over my 1st trimester, and got the 2nd and 3rd to look forward to. Most importantly, my baby's healthy (see ultrasound pic below)!