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Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Junk Is Someone's Treasure

After years of buying from eBay, I finally took the initiative to sell my old games. Wow, I sold "Sim Isle: SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest" for a whopping 15 cents! According to GameSpot, Sim Isle isn't an easy game and will eat your time like most Sims games even after 10 years since it's release.

I never played it because I've only owned Mac computers, but it was part of a bundle that included other Sim hybrid games. Maybe it's the sentimentality of the games that had me hold on to them for so long.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Post-Thanksgiving!

Tom and I had a great Thanksgiving dinner at home. Small and low-key this year, sometimes the quiet and relaxation of home is needed. Time for holiday fun too!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Getting the word in and out

I put together an event for the Graphic Artists Guild (gag.org) in five days due to last minute dropouts and things falling through holes (I didn't do anything for that to happen, so I voluteered to save it). I ended up doing a movie night--a fun event that featured the Golden Trailer Awards, check them out:


I'm the official graphic designer, as my husband Tom is the the official creative director (and, no, he doesn't direct me either as a creative or wife!). Our good friends, Evy and Monica founded the Awards Show.

On another note, I'm going to be putting my jewelry on eBay! I just started with these metal hoops I have and the bid's at $0.50.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Where I left off and back again

The last time I wrote in my blog was last April--I can't believe it's November already! This used to be "The Creative Prancer" but now I've updated my blog as "Dragonfli Girl." Why? Because that's the name of my new startup Dragonfli Skincare and Cosmetics. I pretty much spent the last few months NOT procrastinating (with the exception of in writing in here) when it came to my new business of creating natural skincare solutions for diabetic skin, like me.

Issue one: One the important things you can do for yourself, especially being diabetic, is having good foot care. Diabetic feet can be dryer than most, especially around the heel. So I created a natural foot balm made from coconut oil that addressed my foot care needs (and also made some for my dad who also has diabetes). It seems to me that I take enough medication already and my skin doesn't needs absorb more synthetic substances. I like my foot balm, and my dad likes it too.

Issue number two: I'm not that old, and I don't want to smell medicated or like a peppermint stick. But I want to make my feet smell better so I did it with natural fragrance oils, like lavendar or jasmine. The result was foot balm with a fragrance that matched me (bold and sweet with jasmine and a little rosemary), and for my dad, a strong and spicy scent that would appeal to him more (i.e. he likes Aramis a lot!).

With winter and heaters up sucking up moisture in the air, having moisturized feet is having healthy, happy feet!