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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 3rd Trimester…the home stretch

I guess my track record for logging into my blog is once a month! I'm in my last stretch of pregnancy being in my third trimester. I'm actually going to be induced sometime around President's Day weekend (this year it's also around Valentine's Day weekend too—pick one). I'm really excited! I can finally see the little girl who's been kicking me these past past months in the belly. :-)

So, in short, having diabetes and being pregnant is uneventful as long as you have good medical care during your pregnancy. I had to switch from oral medications to injecting insulin, but it really isn't a big deal with the tiny syringes they have these days. :-) It's all in the mind…I'm so lucky to have so many people and support in keeping myself healthy during pregnancy on my side!

Happy New Year and a healthy, happy one too!

The pic posted is from my shower evite (from evite.com)--thanks so much Kerry & Ate Winnie!