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Monday, August 07, 2006

Taking a step…kinda

One of the worst things I do to myself is procrastinate. At least I admit it.

Not only do I procrastinate, I do "productive" things to delude myself that I'm progressing. Case in point: my zeal for researching and looking for information to aid in my tasks. I think to myself, "I rock and, look, I'm going to do this. I'm getting closer to my goal." In actuality, I'm standing in the same place I stood an hour ago.

I've got books on starting, publishing, editing, marketing, and distributing a magazine. I've even got half of my business plan together. All I need now are numbers and I'm set! So where do I find those numbers? I'm going to keep looking.

I have to get those numbers and understand them so I don't go crazy trying to figure it out. Maybe I can use some outside help on this one.

At least I'm not procrastinating.

Friday, August 04, 2006

I am a Creative Prancer

For the past several months, I've been pitching the same idea to my husband repeatedly. It's gone to the point where he shuts off at the mere mention of "what do you think of my magazine idea?"

I'm a graphic designer for print and web--that's the easy part. But I'm an artist with no focus. I want to do this and that "and things of dat nature" (quoth the current California governor). Time to get my crap together at at least get it organized in a blog. I suppose that's one way to do it.


My "grand idea" started when I wanted to start a makeup line. Why makeup? Easy answer: I work with color on a daily basis, in addition to creating color palettes depending on the project. I figure that it can't be that difficult to create a palette for the face. And not for any face—this palette is for female faces like mine: Asian/Pacific Islander with a twist of an asia pop infused. In short, I got working on my idea by finding resources that can help me in my goal. One of them was my aunt who happens to work in the fashion industry. She suggested I take makeup classes so at least I know how apply makeup.

Next phase: makeup artistry
I've started taking classes at The Powder Group as suggested by good friend of my aunt. She is also a professional makeup artist. This time, I got so involved in makeup that I wanted to be a makeup artist. Now I'm a graphic designer AND makeup artist. Honestly, makeup isn't that difficult to learn especially when you have a background in color theory. You just have to make sure you don't poke your client's eye out.

My current leap and why I'm writing now:
After working for a year as a designer in the marketing department of SmartMoney magazine, I quit to start my own design studio. I'm definitely blessed to be able to sustain myself with the few clients I have. So I'm going to rant and write my thoughts down before I drive my husband crazy.