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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Da Flu Shot & 21 weeks Pregnant

I just got the flu shot 2 hours ago but stood in line for an hour and half with only 10 people in front of me at Walgreens! The nurse was friendly but I'm glad I'm not at the end of the line where some people may not get a shot because of limited quantities—well, they did say …“first come, first served” on the entrance sign. This was a taste of how healthcare would be if it was universal, just like standing in line in the DMV, lol. Luckily, Tom and I pay for our healthcare as freelancers (independent contractors) and we can make an appointment to see a doctor without having to wait too long—well, in Manhattan usually (Brooklyn is another story of time and tolerance based on my experience). You get what you pay for. :-)

On the upside, I found out last week that I'm having a girl!! I'm hoping we don't get pink stuff, but I'm for pastels and 'neutral' colors like lime green, orange or yellow. Our friends gave us their Moses basket and I figure that the baby should be comfortable in there until she outgrows it. (I don't think I even had a crib when I was a baby!)