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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dry Skin + Weather + Diabetic Pregnancy

It can be really annoying having dry skin with the change of season. I think I notice it more especially living on the East Coast since I'm from San Francisco where there's hardly any temperature change. Now add the dry skin on top of being pregnant—lots of changes in skin already occurring. Nevertheless, dry skin is itchy and uncomfortable, but luckily there's stuff out there to help extreme dry skin: the infinite amount of lotions in Walgreens depending on your preference, or if you don't mind going to your kitchen, there's also virgin olive oil. Your skin will soak it up!

I'm also putting on my Dragonfli foot balm while massaging my feet. Then I put on some socks—helps a lot.

The socks I love to wear is DeFeet Aireator. I was first introduced to the line of socks when I was training for the Century bike ride in Lake Tahoe in 2002. It keeps your feet dry (moisturized feet are not sweaty!) and they're durable that you can wear/wash it over and over. There are also plenty of styles available that there's something for everyone. I've had the “Daisy Dukes” (style above) for over 5 years and no holes in ’em yet!