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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Do Run Run Run… A Do Run Run

On January 26th, I ran for the first time around Prospect Park without stopping!! That's a milestone: 3 miles in 45 minutes. That's 1 mile per 15 minutes of running. I better pick up the pace!

What I learned from the Coach: if I start to feel cramps ("stiches"), control my breathing. My lung muscles are working so hard that they'd start to cramp. Not to stop running, give my lungs a break by establishing breathing rhythm. 

Like meditation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Year and Resolving

Whooo… I'm late with my blog posts. The holiday couch potato in me caught up with me until now. I didn't make any resolutions for the year but I did set up some goals for myself:

1. Get that website that I promised a year ago up and running
2. Keep on running (it does wonders in controlling my blood sugar levels)
3. Clean up my desk

BTW, I made Volunteer of the Year for the Graphic Artists Guild. Check it out at newyork.gag.org. This is what happens when I open my big mouth to make necessary change for the overall good.

Happy New Year!!